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Prince Godday Erewa Offers self for public service in Ondo state.



Ondo state shall soon experience another round of high wired politics in the build up to the governorship election coming up later in 2020. Subtle moves have already begun across party lines as politicians have started to show interest in the govern ship seat.

In the camp of the Peoples Democratic party ( PDP), there are already different party folks indicating interest in flying the flag of the party ahead of the party primaries ( date not yet fixed). However, in gubernatorial race, there will always be contenders and pretenders , hence the rank of gubernatorial hopeful that have risen so high in the recent past.

Ondo state shall soon
Among the “A list” contenders for the governorship ticket of the PDP in Ondo state is the Ilaje born multi billionaire entrepreneur and humanist, Prince Godday Tony Orisewino Ademibo KOGUN Erewa, popularly known as Goddy Erewa, a silent achiever , community pillar and a development inclined strategist per excellence.
Prince Godday Erewa is many things to many people : to the widows of Ilaje nation , he is a God sent philanthropist and helper of the economically challenged and the deprived ; to the youths of Ilaje and Niger Delta, he is a capacity builder and a steady source of enormous assistance in human capital development; to the PDP of Ilaje and Ondo state, Godday Erewa is a party man to the core , a gentleman with the necessary requirements for the top job that all other candidates desire.

Prince Godday Kogun Erewa is of the illustrious Amorighoye Erewa of KOGUN family of Ugbo in Ugbo Kingdom and Arokpeda lineage of Ode -Etikan in Etikan kingdom. Born in Escravos , Delta State , Godday Erewa is married to his delectable wife, Mrs Ejima Erewa and they are blessed with four children.

His interest in standard education shines like a northern star in how he established and has continued to maintain and sustain one of the most technologically advanced high school in the country, Valley Stream British Academy, Sapele, Delta State. A visit to the school reflects a high level of quality service delivery of teaching and learning in line with global best practice. If PDP gives candidate Erewa a chance to fly its Guber ticket , and the people of Ondo state support this great man of positive ambition , there is no doubt that the education sector of the state will take a turn for the better; this is an absolute fact as envisioned in the ” Valley Stream Academy” project which success story has spanned over two decades , yet waxing stronger by the passage of every blessed day.
It takes the audacity of a selfless man to want to govern Ondo state. Godday Erewa’s selflessness stands out in the diverse ways he has contributed to the course of growth of humanity in his immediate and extended environment. In 2009 , he established Amorighoye Abisola Initiative (AAI) and since inception, this giant skill acquisition center has churned out trained and professionally skilled youths in computer / IT skill acquisition, metal and welding fabrication , fashion design and many more. ” This is my humble way of taking the youth out of the street,” Erewa always says.

Interestingly, Erewa is an Ilaje with the pan- Nigerian enthusiasm; he single handedly provided perimeter fence for the police Headquarters at Sapele. This has not only beefed up the security of the station but has also added comfort to the work of the police personnel in the area. He is a stickler for police / community relations as a means of ensuring cohesion and staving off criminal elements in his environment.
When told that vandals have touched the giant generating plants donated for the people of Etikan by NDDC , the humanist in Erewa picked up the gauntlet and refurbished and repaired the vandalised power facility. To his credit, he had single handedly ensured the re- electrification of the Etikan community and from Erewa intervention , Ode -Etikan now enjoys rural electrification four days a week on twelve hours bases per day. Considering the fact that the entire Ondo southern senatorial district has been disconnected from the national grid for more than five years , the electrification of Etikan by this private individual is a pointer to his unflinching ability to attract an all round development to Ondo state.
Prince Erewa holds a B.Sc. in Psychology from Delta State University, Abraka where he graduated as the second best graduating student, and an MSc in Work’s Psychology and Business from Aston Business School,Aston university ,Birmingham, in the United Kingdom.
He is currently pursuing a PhD in industrial and organisational Psychology ,where he was awarded a scholarship due to his wealth of experience from the Chicago school of Professional Psychology, California, United States of America.
He is a member of the British psychological society and occupational psychologist, a certified mentor in mentoring, has never flinched from assisting the hoi polloi . He was the chairman of Ilaje Day celebration in Lagos in 2018 and he contributed immensely towards the success of the programme .

What is more ? He is a lover of development with zero tolerance for dichotomy of any kind. KOGUN also practice mechanized farming ,and has a  private ranch where he rears,rams,cow sheep’s , pigs , fish’s , birds

  • When asked why he wanted to be the Governor of Ondo state, Godday Erewa replied humbly thus, ” I am a politician with the Midas touch . I have run diverse businesses successfully in this country for more than two decades and I just think our sunshine state needs me to come up and replicate my success story in the private sector in the governance of Ondo state. ” Erewa said he has all it takes to govern Ondo state and cause a complete turn around in the economic and infrastructural development of the state.
    Asked about the plethora of PDP candidates jostling for the party’s ticket, Prince Godday Erewa said reassuringly that much as so many candidates will come on board, PDP in Ondo state stands a clear chance of victory if he flies the party’s flag , stressing that he stands taller and more exposed and better positioned to lead Ondo state PDP to victory in the build up to the next governorship  poll .


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